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Your book is your calling card to the world. Let me interview you and capture your story. Want an eBook? I write those too!

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While I write on all topics, my expertise is in health, well-being, happiness and personal development content.

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Do you already have content (book, audio, articles, website) but you don’t have enough time to devote to social media? Let me (ghost) write your blog for you!

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One email from a stranger made a difference in my life. Here it is: “I just read your article on MindBodyGreen. I am in awe of the timing of everything this morning. I have a had painful childhood similar to yours. I am always scared to share it with people because I am afraid of...

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Today I am 45 and fit, but I spent a good chunk of my life overweight. My weight was like a roller coaster because I never took control of it. I’ve always loved exercise, but I also love food—and I used food  to comfort myself way too many times.  (Picture it:  Alone in my apartment, Golden Girls reruns, a pint-size of ice...

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