5 Out of The Box Ways To Reduce Stress

Posted on October 11, 2015 in Personal Growth by Sandra Bienkowski

A little stress can be good for you. It keeps you engaged and makes you feel alive—like finishing a project you are passionate about, or learning a new skill. But long-term, chronic stress can take a toll on your health.

If you stop and realize that stress is something you create based on your reaction to life circumstances (and not necessarily the circumstances themselves), you can play a big role in reducing your stress level.

Dial down your stress with these simple solutions for calming and re-energizing that were in front of you the whole time.

1. Take notice of your happiest days

Do you ever have a day that seems like it was professionally choreographed just to please you? Everything flows perfectly. You can’t believe how effortlessly your day is unfolding, and you just feel great.

Take notice of what you are doing on that day. What has made your outlook so bright? If you can pinpoint the specifics of what makes you happiest (getting a good night’s sleep, anticipating a date night, finishing a project), you can proactively replicate some of those things.

Doing what makes you naturally happy alleviates stress. Capture what brightens your days by writing it down. Soon you’ll have your own go-to recipe book for a less-stressed out, more contented you.

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Reduce Stress with these 5 tips.

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