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Start A Journal, Change Your Life

Posted on February 9, 2016 in Fulfillment, Personal Growth by Sandra Bienkowski

If anyone asks me for my number one tip to reduce depression, anxiety or stress, my answer is always the same: Keep a journal.

Journaling is life-changing.

When you journal, you slow down and check-in with yourself. As you write down your thoughts, you become connected with what you are thinking and feeling, and the process increases your self-awareness. You can journal to identify problems and iron out solutions. You can vent. Express gratitude. Or you can just share your thoughts in your journal’s safe nonjudgmental pages.

Journaling is an easy way to practice self-compassion–giving yourself a comforting place to be yourself.  When we are more self-compassionate (think inner best friend, not inner critic), we build up our resilience for life.

Discover what journal is right for you in my Live Happy article:

Start A Journal, Change Your Life