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What I’d Tell My Overweight Self

Posted on February 25, 2015 in Self Improvement by Sandra Bienkowski

Today I am 45 and fit, but I spent a good chunk of my life overweight. My weight was like a roller coaster because I never took control of it. I’ve always loved exercise, but I also love food—and I used food  to comfort myself way too many times.  (Picture it:  Alone in my apartment, Golden Girls reruns, a pint-size of ice cream, me and a spoon.)  And that was probably after a heaping plate of spaghetti with lots of Parmesan cheese covering the sauce. What finally clicked for me? I saw a picture of myself on the beach on Cape Cod.

This one: (the dreaded before picture)



That picture was my wake-up call. It’s amazing what you don’t see looking in the mirror every day.

(the after picture)


I’ve learned so much on my journey to get fit …  I wrote about it on Get Healthy U, the website for national fitness trainer Chris Freytag. Read the entire story here:

What I’d Say to My Overweight Self.