You Already Have What You Need

Posted on February 28, 2012 in Gratitude, Self Improvement by Sandra Bienkowski

“Sir, it is surprising how many people will go to a distance for what they may have at home.”
— Samuel Johnson

Whenever I see advertisements in the Sunday newspaper for my favorite department stores, I suddenly feel the need to shop. (Apparently, I’m an advertiser’s dream.) As I flip through the pages, I suddenly am in desperate need for a new pair of heels, the sparkly purse, or maybe a beautiful off the shoulder blouse. I tear out the pages and plan my next shopping excursion.

Until I realized one day that I already have what I need. I was organizing my over-stuffed closet with enough bedazzled flip flops to outfit a beauty pageant, and decided I should just stop. With tops and bottoms that have never met, and an entire side of my closet dedicated to dresses (some still with tags), I wondered why I don’t value what I already have. And then I thought …

What else do I think I need that I already possess?

While I am a total junkie for self-improvement and goal-setting, it’s a mistake to believe you don’t have it all right now. Your value doesn’t rest on a purchase, an accomplishment, a relationship or the number of zeros in your salary. Your happiness shouldn’t be postponed until you achieve or acquire something.

Fulfillment doesn’t exist outside of you—from a new pair of shoes or someone else validating you. Your worth fully exists inside of you. You just have to tap into it. Sometimes it takes a little practice. You may even need to construct it from the ground up.

If your self-worth is based on an external thing—when the thing goes away–your worth goes away with it. If you feel your worth innately, people (and life!) will have a tough time knocking you off balance.

You can still set goals, maximize your potential and squeeze as much life into your days as possible, while also choosing to see and absorb internally all the amazing gifts in your life. Your happiness and worth are waiting for you here in the present. Shouldn’t we celebrate where we are and let ourselves arrive? As the saying goes, if not now, when?

Many high achievers thrive by living in constant pursuit mode. Their lives can become stuck on fast forward, and they never (simply) press play. You can be in pursuit and still relish in the present. If you don’t, then you are in a never-ending chase. You might miss the abundance that already exists in your life.

If you operate from a mindset of thinking you already have what you need, you can be happy right now. Suddenly you notice life overflowing. You become aware of the abundance around you. You feel waves of gratitude. You are present in your life. You have arrived.

Fulfillment doesn’t exist out there. As author Gabrielle Bernstein aptly puts it: “If your happiness is based on external circumstances, you are f**ked.” Your internal experience is what you can control.

When you slow down to consider that you may already have what you need—you just might discover it is true. Maybe the next time I feel the urge to shop, I will shop my own closet first.

Sandra Bienkowski

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